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BWH Plant Co.

Coco Bag | 1 Gal.

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This 1 Gallon Coco Bag is a potting mix that strikes the perfect balance between effective moisture retention and ample aeration. The chunky consistency of this mix aids in providing the right amount of aeration for your plant roots, enhancing their overall health and growth potential. With its minimal nutrient traces, Coco Bag serves as a blank slate, giving you the freedom to tailor your plant's nutritional intake as needed and ensuring your substrate remains well-hydrated, yet never waterlogged.


  • Ingredients: Coconut chunks and coco coir
  • Ideal for plants that prefer slightly damp soil (Calathea, Ficus, Alocasia, Hoya & more)
  • Offers the perfect balance of water retention and aeration
  • A pH neutral mix - great for those looking to have total control over plant nutrient levels
  • Use on its own or mix with other potting substrate