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Tri State Foliage

Nepenthes Pitcher Plant | 6" HB

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The incredible Nepenthes Pitcher Plant is a unique carnivorous plant with draping foliage and oblong, pitcher-shaped vessels filled with digestive fluid. Caring for these tropical plants can be an adventure, but with a little effort you'll be on your way to growing a stunning specimen that will add uniqueness to your plant collection.


  • Light: Bright-indirect
  • Water: High; water when the top 1/2" of soil feels dry.
  • Humidity: 50%+
  • Extra: Keep a small amount of water inside each pitcher at all times. You can use a gentle, balanced fertilizer every few months to encourage growth, but fertilizer needs to be given directly in the pitchers and NOT in the soil. You can also feed your Pitcher Plant insects, like small swatted flies or mealworms.