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Organic Fertilizer | 3lb

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Arber's Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer is the ultimate solution formulated for your outdoor gardens and indoor plants. Feeds plants and conditions soil year round for greener leaves and bigger blooms. Our proprietary Biochar and fertilizer blend releases nutrients quickly, while holding excess nutrients in place to feed plants for several months. Both fast acting results and long-term soil health.


  • NPK: 3-2-1
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to grip handle to shake nutrient-dense granules directly into soil.
  • ORGANIC APPROVED: No synthetic ingredients or additives that could pose a risk to people, pets, pollinators or the planet.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY POSITIVE: No unsustainably mined ingredients like Peat & Urea. Reduces fertilizer runoff and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • IMPROVE WATER EFFICIENCY: Biochar’s porous nature retains water, reduces water usage and improves soil drainage.
  • BOOST SOIL HEALTH: Improves soil structure and increases organic matter leading healthy & biodiverse soil.