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Hoosier Boy Greenhouse

Philodendron 'Gloriosum' | 4.5"

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The gorgeous, rare Philodendron 'Gloriosum' is one of the most highly sought after aroids currently on the market! It features velvety green, heart-shaped foliage with white contrasting veins. Rather than climbing, this Philodendron variety has a creeping, ground crawling habit. It's unique yet easy to care for, and a wonderful addition to any indoor jungle.

Please note: photos are for reference only. The plant you receive will be nearly identical, but may not be the plant shown here.


  • Size: up to 2.5'
  • Light: bright indirect
  • Watering: medium; allow top inch of soil to dry out between waterings
  • Temperature: average - 65-80 degrees
  • Humidity: 60%+
  • Pet Friendly: no