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Hoosier Boy Greenhouse

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' | 4.5"

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The stunning Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' is aptly named for its unique textured foliage. It's a compact variety, and so is perfect for small spaces.

Alocasias prefer higher humidity levels than many houseplants and don't tolerate drying out, so they're best suited for more attentive plant parents. Under the right care, these plants are relatively fast growers - they may even bloom in the spring!


  • Sizeup to 24" H
  • Light: bright indirect; avoid full sun
  • Watering: Keep soil moist, but not drenched; do not allow soil to dry out
  • Temperature: average - 65-80 degrees; lower temps could cause dormancy
  • Humidity: 60%+
  • Pet Friendly: no