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  • monstera deliciosa floor plant
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Hoosier Boy Greenhouse

Monstera Deliciosa | 8"

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The Monstera Deliciosa might just be the most loved houseplant currently available - and we couldn't agree more! With its glossy green fenestrated leaves and sprawling aerial roots, this plant brings a little piece of the tropics into your own home. It's mostly easygoing in nature, only requiring bright indirect light and regular watering to thrive. Though they prefer higher humidity, they'll tolerate average household levels just fine. This is truly a must-have for any plant owner.

Floor plants are available for local delivery/pickup only.


  • Sizeup to 10' indoors (though you can cut it back if needed)
  • Light: bright indirect
  • Watering: Keep soil moist, but not drenched; allow top few inches to dry between watering
  • Temperature: average - 65-80 degrees; lower temps could cause dormancy
  • Humidity: average; 60%+ (prefers higher humidity if possible)
  • Pet Friendly: no