Do you offer in-store pickup?

Yes! You can shop online 24/7 and pick up your order in store. Orders are ready for pickup within 24 hours.

Is it safe to ship plants?

Generally, yes. We inspect all of our plants regularly to ensure they're healthy, happy and strong. We also use a variety of tools to keep your plants safe during transit.

However, we cannot control what happens during shipping and are not responsible for any damage caused by the shipping process.

Please contact us if your plant arrives damaged, and we'll do our best to help.

I just got my plant in the mail, and it looks sad. What should I do?

Congratulations on your new baby!

Plants will not look perfect after shipping. Being in a box for 2-3 days causes stress that can result in wilting and minor leaf loss/damage. Upon receiving your plant, give it a drink and place it in bright indirect light; it'll bounce back within a week or two!

Are your plants pest free?

We use a combination of pest-prevention methods to ensure your plant won't come to you with any hitchhikers. All of our plants are treated preventatively with eco-friendly products and biological pest control.

We never use anything on our plants that we wouldn't feel comfortable bringing into our own home.

Can't i just buy from box stores?

We get it! Big box stores offer a wide variety of plants at prices that are hard to beat.

However, purchasing from them comes with risks. The plants at big box stores are rarely cared for properly and can come with a variety of diseases and pests that could infect any other plants you have at home.

When you purchase from a small shop or nursery, you're adopting plants that have received hours of hands on care tailored to their individual needs (becuase there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to plants). You're purchasing from individuals who care about the health and happiness of your plant just as much as you do!

What is your return policy?

Non-plant items (plant care, accessories, gifts) may be returned unopened and in original packaging within ten days after purchase.

Refunds for plant material will be considered on a case-by-case basis within ten days after purchase. We cannot guarantee a refund for plant items.

In order to prevent pests/disease, we do not allow refunded plants to be returned to our shop.

All refunds are given in the form of in-store credit.