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BWH Plant Co.

Sphag Bag | 1 Gal.

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This 1 Gallon Sphag Bag by BWH Plant Co is made up of 100% premium-grade filtered sphagnum moss used for optimal water retention purposes. This substrate helps to create a humid microclimate for your potted plants. Sphag Bag wears several hats - use it for propagation, blend it into your soil mix for extra water retention, or create your own moss pole.


  • Ingredients: Premium-grade filtered sphagnum moss
  • Perfectly suited for plant propagation
  • Holds more than 10x its dry weight in water
  • A pH neutral mix - great for those looking to have total control over plant nutrient levels
  • Great for epiphytic plants such as Orchids, Tillandsia, Monstera, Anthurium, Epipremnum, and more
  • Use on its own or mix with other potting substrates